On The Edge… [Lessons from Life Series]

He sat on the edge of a cliff,

legs hanging towards dear earth,

eyes towards infinite sky above,

and center of gravity,

just managing to balance,

on a thin line of life and death.

A lifetime flashed in front of him,

the beautiful life bestowed on him,

the things, people he disliked,

disliked dearly till some time before,

felt important to him suddenly,

he felt bereaved of their existence,

without actually being away from them.

Nature made him realize,

there lies a thin line between,

letting go and holding back,

the maneuvering has to be perfect,

don’t just sit away from action,

don’t pour yourself too much into it,

just trade carefully and,

you’ll have a happy life.

— pbk


A lane went alone into the woods,
With them pines and the shrubs along,
Darkness at its core, buzz from around,
He treaded with a hint of uncertainty,
Not sure where this would lead,
Neither he had a choice, nor he wanted one,
“Just walk, don’t mind the unfairness,
Let the time be right, let the place be right,
A path will appear and you will be through”,
His mind would whisper, shout occasionally,
If only, had he listened to it earlier,
Nonetheless, finally he decided, let’s just walk and see,
Somewhere there will be a solution,
Somewhere there will be a light.

— pbk

“Two Friends” [Conversations]

One Friend:

How about living a thoughtless day,

forget the nuances and just be away,

no tears, no fears, no smile on face,

no fights, no love and no grimace?

Other Friend:

If no tears and no smile on face,

then the life will be such a disgrace,

thoughts and nuances build us from within,

without them the life won’t just begin.

* * *

One Friend:

For a day let’s not have any friends,

I don’t want someone who just pretends,

no parents, no siblings, just all alone,

do what you want, that should set the tone.

Other Friend:

Life is all about friends, parents and siblings,

in life’s unending space, they are the fillings,

don’t listen to your brain, you are being misled,

without all this, you are simply a living dead.

Incendies – Movie Review

Rating: 4.5/5

What IMDB says – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1255953/



Disturbing, gripping, revealing.

The story starts from societal issue of the protagonist, Nawal Marwan, being a single mother and traverses through various emotions, hardships and stark realities of the world, her world.

The notary officer, for whom Nawal worked for 18 years as a secretary, delivers two envelopes to her kids, the twin brother and sister, after she dies of a stroke. One envelope reads “For your father” and the other reads “For your brother”. The kids are in a shock after they come to know that they have another brother. The boy, having hatred in his heart for their mother, denies doing anything with those envelopes and thinks of moving on with their lives. However the sister is sensitive and thinks of following the trail back to their mother’s past and dig the links as their mother’s last wish. The story starts from here.

The plot is set in an imaginary place named “Daresh”. After being impregnated by her lover and after her family comes to know about this, her brothers kill her lover and almost killed Nawal too. The grandmother somehow pities on her and asks her to deliver the child. The grandmother then asks her to leave the village and move to town, without the kid as she gives away the kid, the village not being safe for Nawal anymore. Nawal moves into city, starts working with University’s radio station, learns French but the desire to find the whereabouts of her child is still burning within her. With the same desire she starts tracking back her child and comes to know that the kid was given to an orphanage in South (a place dreaded to be full with extremists).

She then gets caught for killing a Nationalist politician and spends 15 years in jail. The movie talks about her sufferings while being a single mother, being away from her child, being in jail and being in a society so full with hatred and revenge. Her ordeal in keeping a secret, facing the torture and yet forgive the torturer, a shocking revelation at the end and above all be rational about everything is captured very beautifully in the movie. The movie also shows us what kind of world surrounds us and we have no idea of. See this movie to watch what a woman have to go through in a life in extreme situations and what being a mother means. Not surprised that the movie was nominated for Oscar in 2011 and has won Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Life Is A Game Of Chess…

Life is like a game of chess. Never be too complacent with it. You will never know movement of which “pawn” will bring what consequences. Never overlook the movements of different pieces on chess board. A pawn can be a small tremor which you overlook at the beginning and the consequences of which will make you repent afterwards.

The strategies and plans you have in life should be flexible. Like in chess, not all of your plans and strategies work the way you want, life also has the similar pattern. You decide to move a horse in lieu with Queen and trap the opponent’s King in the mid way. But the opponent also plays some trick and you are left with no other option but to move horse n queen someplace else to trap the King.

Similarly, you decide to do some things, plan a career path and march your way towards it. But what happens in most of the cases is, even after taking the desired education you end up doing some work which is not exactly related to your educational qualifications. But you have to go ahead with it (be flexible with the plans) and mould a new plan, strategy or career path.

Having said this all, I by no means say that we should not make mistakes. Mistakes are the learning steps. We won’t learn unless and until we make mistakes. But make sure not to make the same mistakes many more times (not just twice). I am saying many more times because I know it’s NOT possible to make a particular mistake ONLY TWICE. You are bound to make many more similar mistakes and the set back you face by making them many more times makes you remember the mistake in future.

And be flexible, if one strategy fails, go for another. Always have a plan B, as they say. Try to see the silver lining in every crisis. You never know you might find an Oasis in a desert all of a sudden. Never give up 🙂

Be A Human… #aros

Being a man or woman,

Merely is not enough,

Being a humble human,

Is needed, but it’s tough

* * *

Problems arise a lot,

But keep the character,

Life is a testing pot,

It breaks, also applies plaster,

* * *

Dog bites you,

But you don’t bite back,

Life gives lemons to you,

Collect them and fill your sack

* * *

That sack will be useful,

Will contain all experiences,

Life will become blissful,

When you jump off the fences.

* * *