Lucky Charm…

Some called him beggar while some called him mental case, but he never cared to bother. May be because he was either not in his senses or was rather saint like to not bother about it. What mattered to him was he was getting fed.

He would roam around on the streets with no specific aim as to where he wants to go, he would just walk. Kids would be curious as to where his home was, where his mother was, why his cloths are not clean and in one piece – you know, kiddo questions. From morning six to the time when shops, restaurants would open, he would just roam – pointlessly. But the scene would change once it’s time to start the business.

Early morning one tea stall would come to life in some corner of some road. If the tea stall owner is lucky, he would see this “Tiger” (as they all used to call him) passing by his stall. He would promptly offer a cup of tea to Tiger, free of cost. Tiger doesn’t eat or drink anything that has a price tag, he can’t afford to. But if someone offers him something free of cost, he would just grin at the person, accept it and move on. The giving-to-Tiger wasn’t an act of philanthropy, it was rather selfish act. The tea stall owner would be happy because feeding Tiger meant the business would soar like anything. That’s how it was.

At times he would ask (or shall I say beg) for food or a cup of tea and sometimes someone would willing give it to him. The people, who knew that giving to Tiger was like hitting a jackpot, never objected to him taking a biscuit from the pack or asking for a cup of tea or even a onetime meal. Rather there used to be a competition as to who all get to feed “Tiger”. Those who didn’t know the “benefits” of giving to Tiger would obviously object and pay the price as their business won’t earn much for them that day.

Some believed in Tiger being the lucky charm, some were skeptical of accepting it. But as far as Tiger was concerned, he lived a happy-go-lucky life. He used to smile irrespective of the person giving him food or not.

P.S. – This “Tiger” was a real person and belonged to my town. I (as in we kids) and our predecessors have seen him strolling on the road. This might sound like a story but is in actual a true story.

Sweet and sour…

The day, 14th September 2009 was a sweet and sour day for me. Sweet for India winning the Compaq Cup against Sri Lanka. And sour for Roger Federer losing to Del Potro in US Open 2009.


India earlier in the day (in Sri Lanka) scored a throbbing 319 runs and stamped their name on Compaq Cup 2009. But then Sri Lanka showed some extravagant cricket and tried to come back in the game but failed to do so in the end. Sachin Tendulkar once again showed his class by scoring 138 of 133 balls and once again proved why he is called Master Blaster. Almost 20 years in cricket and the same, exactly the same enthusiasm he showed on his first international cricket match. Harbhajan Singh broke the important partnerships in the game and earned himself a stylish man of the game award. Sachin got himself getting the Man of Series for 14th time and man of the match for 59th time, mind you all this is also a World Record. Seeing India win again was very delightful.


But on the other hand, after some time there was men’s final of US Open 2009. It was very bad to see Roger Federer loosing after being so much close to winning it yet again. It was “So close yet so far” game for Federer. Federer could have won the match in fourth set itself but Del Potro showed some real class and outperformed the World No. 1. But I am happy for Federer for one thing that he did not fall easily as Rafael Nadal. Nadal was beaten in straight sets 2-6, 2-6, 2-6 to Juan Martin Del Potro in the semi-final match. Federer showed his class in the match. Though the man, Del Potro was trying to out-perform Federer every single time, Federer showed why he is World No. 1. But then luck was not with him, or rather Del Potro’s hard work outweighed Federer’s luck. But if one gives 100% to whatever he does then loosing or winning doesn’t matter much. When I was watching the game between Nadal and Del Potro I was a bit scared. I was thinking whether Federer will be able to contain this man, as a power player like Nadal was not able to. But Federer showed that Potro is not unbeatable.


Congrats to Indian Cricket team, Juan Martin Del Potro for winning their respective matches and hard luck for Federer. You tried everything Federer, but the day was not yours. All the best to Federer and I am sure you will be able to beat Del Potro in your next meeting and will take your revenge of defeat here on Flushing Meadows.