एक साठवण… #Marathi #Poem

मोडक्या भिंतींच्या आडून,
काही स्वप्ने डोकावून पहात आहेत,
कधी काळचा चिरेबंदी वाडा,
आता फक्त भग्न अवशेष आहेत

* * *

उध्वस्त खिडक्यांच्या चौकटीतून,
काही सूर दरवळत आहेत,
पूर्वी सोनेरी कवडसे यायचे,
आता भकास ऊन भेडसावत आहे

* * *

भेगाळलेल्या भुईवर कधी,
पुसटसे पावलांचे ठसे दिसतात,
एकेकाळी इथे संगमरवरी नक्षी हसायची,
आता फारश्यांच्या ठीकार्‍या वावरतात

* * *

परसातल्या बागेत अधूनमधून,
अंकूर डोक वर काढताना दिसतात,
पूर्वी फळा फुलांचा सडा पडायचा इथे,
आता चुरगाळलेली फुल पसरलेली दिसतात

— @pbkulkarni


Ajinkya – Movie Review…


Rating: 6.5/10

“The journey from ego to realization” – This is what the film is all about, to describe it in one sentence.

Anant (Sandip Kulkarni) is born to play basketball. He’s a coach of a basketball team in Nagpur, until the team unbeaten (Ajinkya) till this game, is defeated. His expectation of “We should win every match by at least 25 points” is shattered and as promised to his wife, he quits basketball altogether. He cannot digest the defeat and ahead of sour relationship with his wife Saee (Kadambari Kadam) he decides to get himself transferred. His egotist approach towards game, as well as life, estranges his relation with his wife and drowns him towards denial.


The second half of the movie guides him away from his egotist approach and makes him understand and accept his faults and responsibilities. Various small things, that happen with him in this new town and new people, make him realize how wrong was his path towards excellence. Sarika Nilatkar, his ex-assistant coach and a family friend, is pivotal in bringing him close to realization. Various instances are beautifully crafted to outline this journey. The movie, overall, is good to watch and learn.


Having said that, the film however keeps you guessing for references (of some scenes) and misses high-points which are necessary to build the story and tempo. The mosaic of flashback and present is delicately woven but their constant and unwarranted occurrences baffle the viewer. There are two songs in the movie “Ajinkya Theme Song” and “Jari majha tujha ha khel” which go very well with the situations. It is good to see that movie is not flooded with songs (as the story doesn’t quite need them to hold) and optimum quantity is assured. The cinematography is crisp and precise. The unnecessary usage of bold lighting is avoided and doesn’t get engaged in shenanigans of awkward angles. A bit better editing could have made the movie bloom more.

Congratulations to the whole team of “Ajinkya” – most of them (barring the actors) are first timers and the effort is very credible. I wish much more success to them in the coming time.

February – Sour n Sweet Memories


10 February 1995

The fateful day when I lost the sky from over my head. And I was too young to understand the consequences of this loss. Over the years, time has made me realize the intensity of this loss. But time has also cooked me, in his absence, to be like him. I am still in the process and myriad things yet need to be imbibed for me to be like him.

It’s been over 17 years now that my father is not with us. But I still remember playing cricket with him in the front yard as a kid. He bought me the whole cricket set and he used to play with me. He taught me Sanskrit, Bhagvad geeta, singing (though it’s hereditary) and showered huge love on me. I have some traits and mentality, which mom says I have picked from him.

A silver lining (optimistically and positively) amongst all this gloomy past is my mother has been the best father a woman could be. In fact a tad bit better. So I would say I had 2 layers of sky above me. Even though I lost one layer, the other layer has been tough like 2 layered sky since then.

1 February 2010

The day I started the journey towards having a sweet and awesome friend. It was January 2010 when I asked her what’s her birth date. At first she refused to tell me anything about it. After conversing for some time, she reluctantly agreed to let me know her birth month – February. I still tried to prod the path and know the birth date, and she was like “You will come to know”.

I even tried to threaten her by saying “If you don’t tell me the birth date, I will wish you for the whole month (on Twitter)”. She didn’t fall for this either and instead was very happy at the prospect of getting wished for the whole month. 😛

On the 7th day of February, she told me it’s her birthday and I can stop wishing her (as I now know the date) if I want. I kept my word and wished her for the whole month anyway 🙂

She then went on to became my very good friend and the saga of friendship grew stronger.



14 February

Another thing about February is “Valentines Day” – the month when cupid injects the love potion into the some and increases their bodily temperature. Sadly whatever bodily temperature increase has happened with me was self injected. Cupid couldn’t find me up until now to inject his magic potion. Sad but true. Hope in the coming Februaries cupid find me 😛

21 February

Marathi is my mother tongue and I am very much proud of it. Now you will ask me what’s special in 21st February? And why I should be proud of my mother tongue. Well, UNESCO on 17th December 1999 declared that 21 February be “International Mother Language Day“.

February is thus a sour and sweet month for me…


Written for Month Of The Year Writing Challenge – Season 03

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar…

This piece is originally in Marathi but I have also written 
it's English translation,after this Marathi verse. Please note
this poem/verse is NOT MINE.Please have a look at both. Thank You.


एक दिवस नाही, एक महिना नाही, एक वर्ष नाही,
तब्बल बावीस वर्ष, अख्ख जग त्याच्यामागे पागल होऊन राहत,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण एका खेळमागे 'पागल' होऊन,
स्वत:च्या आयुष्याची तीन दशक समर्पीत करण --- यातच त्याच यश असाव.

तो शतक ठोकतो, अख्खा देश त्याची पाठ थोपटतो,
त्याच शतक हुकत, अख्खा देश आपल काम धाम बाजूला ठेवून त्यावर चर्चा करत,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण यशातही त्याचा 'कान धरणारी' आणि अपयशात 
त्याच्या पाठी उभी राहणारी माणस त्याच्या आयुष्यात आहेत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

त्याच्या सोनेरी कारकीर्दीचा त्यालाच नाही,
तर सम्पूर्ण देशाला अभिमान वाटतो,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण सम्पूर्ण कारकीर्दीत त्याच्या यशाला, कर्तृत्वाला गालबोट लागेल,
अशी एकही कृती त्याच्या हातून घडत नाही --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

इतकी लोकमान्यता, इतके मानसन्मान, इतका पैसा,
आता तर 'विश्व-चषक'..
हे सगळ वयाच्या ३७ व्या वर्षी,
इतक्या मुद्दलावर फक्त तोच काय, त्याच्या सात पिढ्या आरामात लोळू शकतील,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण कुठलेही मोहपाश त्याला त्याच्या ध्येयापासून दूर नेऊ शकत नाहीत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

त्याच्यावर स्तुतीसुमने उधळायला शब्द अपुरे पडतात,
त्याच्या धावा मोजता मोजता आकडेही दमून जातात,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण स्वत:च्या 'भरपूर' किंवा 'कमी' धावावरून तो त्याच यश, अपयश ठरवत नाही,
'कमी परिश्रम' हे त्याला त्याच अपयश वाटत,
कारकीर्दीच्या या टप्प्यावर 'अस वाटण' --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

क्रिकेट समजणारे, न समजणारे,
क्रिकेट खेळणारे, न खेळणारे,
त्याला क्रिकेट चा 'देव' मानतात..
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण आकाशातल देवपण मिळून सुद्धा
त्याची 'मुळे' जमिनीत खोल जाउन आणखीनच घट्ट होत आहेत --- यात त्याच यश असाव.

इतक यश, इतक यश,
की त्या यशाच मोजमाप करणही शक्य नाही,
यश यश म्हणतात ते हेच असेल का?
---- माहीत नाही.
पण एक गोष्ट नक्की,
'त्या' रात्री त्याच्या हातात विश्वचषक पाहून,
'त्याचा' आनंद 'आपल्या' डोळ्यातून पाझरला --- यातच त्याच यश असेल.


The English translation of above verse is as follows.

Not one day, not one month, not one year,
But for 22 years, the entire World goes mad behind him,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But this maddening run behind "one" game,
and dedicating three decades of his life to it, 
May be this is his success.

He scores a century, the whole nation pats him,
He misses a ton and the entire nation talks about it,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But he has got questioning people while he succeeds and,
supporting people while he fails in his life,
May be this is his Success.

Not only he but everyone envies his Golden Journey,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But not a single time he has acted or did something,
to bring shame to him or his country,
May be this is his Success.

Even this huge love from public, this huge accolades 
and uncountable money,
and now the "World Cup" too,
All of this at just 37 years of age,
So much of capital that, not only he but his seven generations,
can easily live off without doing anything,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But nothing, absolutely nothing, 
can keep him from achieving his goals,
May be this is his Success.

Words aren't enough to praise him,
Numbers aren't enough to count his runs,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But he doesn't measure his success in "too many" or "too less" runs,
but "failing to work hard" makes him feel beaten,
Such dedication even at 'this' milestone in his career,
May be this is his Success.

Cricket experts, Cricket novices,
Cricket players or just observers,
Consider him "God of Cricket",
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But even after this Heavenly Godliness,
His roots are still deep under the ground,
May be this is his Success.

This big and huge a success,
Measuring his success in any parameter is difficult,
Is this what we call -- Success?
Don't know,
But one thing for sure,
"Our" eyes moistened when we saw "him" raising World Cup,
May be this is his Success.
Disclaimer: This is e-mail forwarded to me by one of my friends. 
Thought of sharing it here, So reproducing it here. 
The English translation however is mine.