Modern Classics…

Submitted to One Stop Poetry Picture Prompt.

Image by: Jack

Image by: Jack


How would you feel when you see,

A robot speaking as fluent as human

We have always seen a killer one,

But what about a sweet daemon


How would you feel when you hear,

Worldly wisdom from a 10 year old boy,

What if tomorrow you wake up and hear,

World is taken over by a small toy


What would you say when you see,

A gangster preaching non-violence,

What if you are in a funeral and,

The dead man himself is giving condolence


How would you feel when you hear,

Bach producing some rap song,

What will you say when you read a short story,

That’s actually hundred pages long


Same goes with the picture above,

It is the contradiction to basics,

Seeing a daemonic mask man playing violin,

Is like thinking of Modern Classics.



Think Big…

Submitted to One Stop Poetry ‘s Picture Prompt.

Image Credit: Sean Mccromick


Image by Sean Mccormick


World sees through a window,

When it has all the open space,

Narrowing down your eye sight,

You’ll think, but it has no grace.


Window is just a small opening,

Meant for the troubled hearts,

When you don’t know the target,

It helps you in aiming your darts.


But once you master the art of,

Looking through a small window,

You should aim for the ocean,

Don’t always be a minnow.


Looking through the window,

And aiming for the sky,

That should be your motto,

Don’t miss to give it a try.


This poem has been submitted as a response to One Stop Poetry Challenge

A wonderful picture has been given as a prompt to write on.


Footprints on Sand Dune. Picture by "Iquanyin Moon"


Footprints on sand are as ephemeral as,

A touch of stormy and ever flowing wind,

A water drop standing on a lotus leaf,

And a acquaintance of a person real kind


But here it is different I don’t know why,

Instead of vanishing they are embossed,

As if he is walking down below the ground,

Just like the surface line has been crossed


Is it magnifying the character of the person?

Who would go the distance for his love,

Will travel the lengths to convey the message,

Just like a message carrying white dove.