Information… #5Lines #Tanka #EnvelopeQuintlet

Beep beep beepeep beep,

He said “I Love You” to her,

She couldn’t get it,

Information of no use,

If not in proper format.


Note: This is “5Line” poetry form known as “Tanka

Tanka : is a japanese form of poetry with syllable patterns as 5-7-5-7-7 , where the care is to be taken that both the first three and the last three lines can stand on its own and make a sensible poetry.


Teach to others what you know,

That will increase your knowledge,

Keeping to yourself is of no use,

Share the wisdom, take a pledge,

Otherwise the wisdom will blow.


Note: This is “5Lines” poetry form known as “Envelope Quintlet

Envelop Quintet :  Rhyme pattern of abbba / abcba


Prompted at May Challenge Prompts