On The Edge… [Lessons from Life Series]

He sat on the edge of a cliff,

legs hanging towards dear earth,

eyes towards infinite sky above,

and center of gravity,

just managing to balance,

on a thin line of life and death.

A lifetime flashed in front of him,

the beautiful life bestowed on him,

the things, people he disliked,

disliked dearly till some time before,

felt important to him suddenly,

he felt bereaved of their existence,

without actually being away from them.

Nature made him realize,

there lies a thin line between,

letting go and holding back,

the maneuvering has to be perfect,

don’t just sit away from action,

don’t pour yourself too much into it,

just trade carefully and,

you’ll have a happy life.

— pbk

Shaken But Not Stirred…


Image Credits: Google, Rob Lang

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My life is just shaken, but not properly stirred,

My eyesight is perfect, but the vision is blurred,


I have so many things in mind, but the heart is holding back,

I have the GPS in my mind, but I seem to have lost the track,


Whenever I try to find a path, my network turns me down,

I am the king of my life, but it doesn’t let me wear the crown,


I remember the landmarks, but they seem to have vanished,

I tried to search them extensively, but was severely punished,


Now I am going with destiny, let’s see where it takes me,

My karma makes my destiny, let’s see what destiny makes me.


This is a submission to Sunday Scribblings and I have written this poem for the prompt #252 – Safe.


You ask me what is safe.

And I reply,

A mother’s lap for a child is – safe,

A father’s arm on shoulder is – safe,

A tyre around the waist in ocean is – safe,

A helmet while driving a bike is – safe,

An open land in the rain is – safe,

Betting small on the stock market is – safe,

Doing right things at right time is – safe,

Knowing your own limits is – safe,

Holding the hand of toddler on road is – safe,

Keeping the body fit and healthy is – safe,

A friend’s company in hard times is – safe,

Not eating things given by strangers is – safe,

Not doing a partnership with a person you don’t trust is – safe,

Not asking wife where she spent your money is – safe,

Diplomatic answer to your girlfriend’s obvious questions is – safe,

Remembering your pills and bills is – safe,

Behaving patiently in even hardest circumstances is – safe,

And stopping before you guys get angry at me is – safe 🙂

सख्या तू हि असच करशील का रे?

सख्या तू हि असच करशील का रे?

शीड  फिरतात  तिकडेच  जिकडे  वाहतात  वारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्या  सोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
असतं  जग  त्याच्या  सोबत
ज्याच्याकडे  असतो  पैसा
जरी  झाला  अन्याय
तरी  न्याय  मिळेल  तो  कैसा
अरे  न्यायमूर्ती  सुद्धा  शोधते  पैश्याचे  झरे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
खुद्द  रामाला  ही  लोकांचे
तोंड  दाबता  आले  नाही.
सीता  माईला  पण  अग्नीपरीक्षा
कधी  टाळता  आली  नाही.
रामामुळेच  सीतेला  कसे  सोसावे  लागले  निखारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
माकडीनीला  ही  कधी  कधी
रहात  नाही  भान,
आपल्याच  पिलाला  बुडवून
वाढवते  आयुष्याची  कमान,
कुणीच  नसतात  इथे  कोणाचे  सगे  अन  सोयरे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
सूर्य  येतो  सकाळी
पाठ  फिरवतो  संध्याकाळी,
चंद्रही  तसाच  करतो,
पळून  जातो  सकाळी,
या  जगात  फक्त  कामापुरते  असतात  सारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
लग्नाआधी  प्रेमवीर
सुखी  संसाराच्या  गोष्टी  करतात,
लग्नानंतर  सहाच  महिन्यात
फारकत  घेण्यापर्यंत  येतात,
विचार  न  करता  तोडतात  हे  अकलेचे  तारे,
सख्या  तू  ही  माझ्यासोबत  असच  करशील  का  रे?
प्रसाद भगवंतराव कुलकर्णी.