Law(less) and (dis)Order…

I pity Indian Law structure. Every time something like German Bakery or 26/11 incidents take place, our crime investigation team appears on the crime scene for not to be seen there again. Political leaders and media persons also come on the crime scene to contaminate the crime scene to unrecoverable extent. Political leaders really don’t understand anything in the solving the crime. So why does they have to be there? We don’t see any senator visiting the crime scene in US or UK. Why? They also care about the vote banks, don’t they?

Even though media person is not allowed to enter the caution marks put there, but the footage he brings through TV is very bad. Media is not supposed to speculate onto anything, they are just to show what’s happening and should leave the speculation part on Crime investigators. But this doesn’t happen here. 26/11 footage actually was a massacre and black dot in the history of media. We could see the army and commando personnel’s exact position, where he is standing, in which direction he is pointing his weapon. If we can see those things can’t the terrorists see these things? The news channels air in other countries also. If the people who have actually planned these events see these details they will surely convey the same to the trapped terrorists.


Coming back to the point, when we hold some guy responsible for a crime and bring him in the court for right judgement we also think of taking help of this case to stop the future such crime events. If a guy is held for over-speeding on the expressway or has caused some accident, we bring him in court and punish him for making this an example and a teaching for those who may do such things in future. So a judgement is not merely a judgement for that person alone or for the present condition we are though, but is supposed to make a long lasting impact on the general public and refrain them from repeating the same stuff again.

                But this doesn’t seem to be happening in India. We always hear the stories and some true incidents from someone that in Singapore or Malaysia, you will be asked to pay hefty fine for spitting in public places or littering on road. Why this is so? Not just to punish the guy who did that, but to refrain others also from doing such mean activities. Other person will think twice before spitting in public place afterwards.


In France, people are asked to categorise the household garbage into three different categories and are asked to maintain three different coloured dustbins for them. The first one is Green in colour and is meant for the kitchen wastes and wet garbage. The second one is Red which is meant for bio-hazardous materials and the Blue is meant for other dry garbage. If the pick-up person finds that the waste has not been categorised properly by particular house, the house is penalised for certain amount. This is not just for that particular home for refraining from wrongdoing again but also to set an example in front of other public.

In India we don’t see the stringent and strict application of the laws and that is the main reason why we find law to be incompetent. It’s not about the law but about the law executers. The law never fails, but the executers. There can be some exceptions for the laws but that’s just part and parcel. We always go through the axioms and theories in Maths but we also go through the exceptions too. So does that mean maths is wrong? No.

Austerity and Indian politics…

Today’s Indian Express says Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar has said that austerity by a politician should be a voluntary gesture. Well, I as a citizen of India want to question this statement made by honorary Lok Sabha Speaker.


-> Does flying with economy class brings down your prestige and social status?

-> Does travelling by an ambassador or any government assigned vehicle harms your status?

-> Does paying electricity and phone bills harm your status?


I guess every politician will answer yes to these questions, as they are not habituated to live big and work less. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are held so as to solve the problems faced by the country and state. But the picture there is pretty different. At first place MPs don’t attend the parliamentary sessions, and use the highly costly and worldly pleasures offered at these places. If you don’t want to work there, don’t become a MP. MPs fight in the parliament like they are in a school. Are you paid to do this? Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha expenditure is done through the revenue generated from people. So MPs should note this thing and don’t pretend to be spending their own money on this.


Another issue is, what’s the harm in flying economy class? According to Lok Sabha speaker this issue should be left to the politicians. I bet no politician will fly economy class if left on his/her own. The ticket expenditure on every politician is through public revenue and taxes. So why waste in such a foolish way?


New MPs like Azaruddin and Shatrugna Sinha are demanding bigger and larger homes. What’s your status man? You are just a new born kid in the Lok and Rajya Sabha. Then why demand such foolish thing? Before becoming MP weren’t you living in the same place? So what’s wrong in living there after becoming MP? If a boy or girl of age 8 is demanding to be placed in class 10, can we do that? A person gets whatever he has got according to his abilities. So better leave demanding big things. At first do some good work and then demand.


MPs like Shashi Tharoor sorry Shashi (GYM)oor wants his own gym and privacy. If you want privacy build your own gym at the place you live and maintain your privacy. Aamir Khan also has his own gym, go his way. Why to live in seven star hotels and that too in Presidential suit? Who’s money you are spending there? I bet you are not spending your own money there. And if you are spending your own money, give Indian citizens the source of such huge money. Same applies for S.M. Krishna also.


Hon. Mayawati ji also built so many statues. Who’s money you are spending madam? Why nobody questions them? Banks and courts screw common man for not paying debt and spending more than what he got. Income Tax department raids common man’s home only, if seen some inconsistency in the income pattern. But then why not raid a politicians house and take action after that?


These things are really maddening. I don’t see a solution to it, until politicians follow the austerity suit. Freedom Fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Lal Bahadur Shastri and many more, had also lived an austere life.  Mahatma Gandhi left wearing full cloths because people were not having anything to wear. Lal Bahadur Shastri left eating rice because common public was not getting rice to it. Why did these people have done this? Because they followed austerity and that’s why they live thousands of years in the minds of public and in History. Today’s politician’s life is very miserable, because they have done this to themselves. These politicians will only be on the paper of history books but won’t be in anybody’s mind. Once they step down from the throne they won’t be counted also. Mind it.

Is there any need???

Whenever a blast takes place or flood hits a city. Under the dire conditions politicians go and meet the affected people in hospital. But the question is, is there any need of this????


A politicians just visits affected people for the sake of visiting. He means nothing for them. If he meant anything, he (politician(s)) would have acted such that these people will be benefited. But this is not the case.


A politician visits hospital will all his 50-60 ministers and extends few words. That’s all. He knows nothing in the treatment. But he occupies all the space there and makes the process of treatment miserable. The doctor is under constant pressure of treating patients, the relatives of patients search for his beloveds but finds it difficult to find with all these ministers surrounding. So why is the need of politicians being there.


It is ok that people say from both the sides. If a politician doesn’t go and meet these people then he will be called insensitive. And if he goes he will be questioned is there any need. But truly speaking, there is no need. We always say, or rather doctor always says don’t trouble the patient with all surrounding him/her. And politicians don’t add value by going there. So I think there is no need for all this show business. And politicians should not go. Instead a politician should act in the direction of something that will help stop these things. But this is far from happening as everybody (politician) tries to bake his/her bread on such issues.


Prasad Kulkarni


Terrorism peeking its head again…. and politicians sitting quietly…

Delhi once again hit by bomb blast. The previous attack was just 14 days before. After the attack on 13th, Police and Government showed they are now alert, but the next blast within striking distance of Qutub Minar and within 14 days of last blast showed that Police, Government and all politicians  are still sleeping and partying.


Why government is so lethargic about acting on such serious issues???? This will be the most nagging question in every common man’s mind. Today every citizen of Republic India is under continuous threat. Any time a freaky terrorist will come and will decide onto when WE can LIVE and when WE will DIE. This is so insane. Why government is not acting onto it???


The convicts of 1993 bomb blast are still to be punished. Our Law and Order is so good, that any one from 5th standard can also trigger something that will be out of hands of system. The convicts of previous terrorism are yet to punish and new cases come and this process continues under Perpetuity law. This must change. And common man is hinting towards this change. As was shown in the movie The Wednesday, a common man can change all things but the system again is incapable of handling anything.


If a common man kills any terrorist, he must be punished as he has taken law and order in hand. But if a terrorist kills hundreds of people, he will not be convicted. Even if convicted or punished he has access to upper court and finally he asks for President’s help. If the law and order is for common man, why the same thing is not applicable for terrorists? There should be an order of shoot at site or if caught hanging is the only option. Unless and until terrorists are not made victims of terror, they will not listen to us.


Every time, Indian Prime Minister and every politician says this is bad what is happening. And again carry out their personal activities. Everytime, a blast takes place and Prime Minister urges and says “We will take strong action against terrorism”. But nothing happens. The same politician again utters the same thing till he gets votes and after getting elected he forgets all things.


The system of Republic India is so corrupted and so incapable that these things will go on continuously as it is. And a common man needs to habituate himself according to all these things and will have to get accustomed to terror and live with it. There seems no possible solution with current system. The situation is hinting towards a change and system must change.


Prasad Kulkarni