Her First Flight…

It was 22nd August 2011 and a day of achievement for me, the achievement of making my mother proud of me. It isn’t that she was not proud of me previously, but the pride was visible in her eyes this time.

It was the day when my mother took a flight for the first time in her life. She was to accompany me to Delhi as we were relocating there.

She knew almost everything of the procedures we have to do once we enter airport. She got to know about them from me, when I took flight for first time. But the anxiety of doing all the things on her own revitalized her. She enthusiastically moved ahead and asked me what needs to be done and mesmerized by the grandeur and the fact that she will be flying for first time. I won’t be able to forget her glittering eyes when we just entered the plane.

While finding our way to our seats, she kept on asking me how the flight moves, about air hostesses and their job, food in flight and whether we get weird feeling in stomach while we are taking off and landing. I was very much happy to answer all the questions. I told her the feeling in stomach is little exaggerated and nothing of that sort happens much.

We took off from Pune towards Delhi. After 15-20 minutes of flight we were in clouds. I asked mom to look out of window and she was amazed to see “cotton spun” all over the sky. She kept on telling my sisters and relatives that the clouds from the window were quite a sight, how beautiful they look and all. And while saying this all, her eyes got moist and broad smile on her face.

I guess that is achievement for me. After all the hard work she has done for me over the years, I was able to bring those emotions of pride in her and I guess that’s the thing I would like to do more and more often 🙂

I have achieved a lot of things, both academically and extra-curricular. Going a little further I would also say I have garnered some good opinions about me from outsiders also, but this is the kind of feeling, this is the kind of emotion, the emotion of pride in me is something worth a world to me.

People and their driving sense…

Ahead of Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi is buzzing with various infrastructure developments (only Delhi Government knows how many of those infrastructure development programs are meant for infrastructure development and how many for internal corruption and wallet filling). The development seems to be much sluggish than a tortoise walking on the beaches. Constructions have only started but the end seems no where. May be the development will end either on the date of commencement of Commonwealth Games or after the games get over. Similarly the traffic regulation and people’s driving sense seems to have gone for a vacation on some other planet (may be on Moon as Chandrayan and other space shuttles have discovered water on the Moon).

The traffic all over India is unregulated. Traffic Polices are only for a show off and for jacking money from people. But they don’t seem to regulate the traffic. They don’t even try for regulation. People also follow the similar notes. Vehicles are provided with Upper and Dipper beams so as to facilitate people in night driving. These facilities are provided for use only. But people don’t use the dipper beam and ply with upper beams only, even though that upper beam obstructs the vision of the person coming from the other side.

Similar incidence happened with me (though it happens on a regular intervals with me) recently. A person was driving a jeep and on a narrow road we came head to head. He was focussing upper beam only. So I flashed upper and dipper consecutively so as to suggest him that lower your beam as I am not able to see anything. But he refused to lower the beam. What I could have possibly done other than cursing that man. I tried to tell him to ply the vehicle on dipper and use upper when necessary, but in vain.

Delhi Government has announced a new program wherein they will educate the Delhites on proper driving rules and practices. But I doubt how useful that will be. But there is no harm in trying things out. Delhi Government and P. Chidambaram (Home Minister of India) stressed out that Germany and China have done the same thing before hosting such big events. The education program in Germany and China were successful because people there think for their nation and feel dejected if someone from outside blames their country. But that’s not the same with Indians. We Indians have lost pride in our country. And that’s the reason we are facing issues like corruption, ill-politics etc. (the list will go on and on).

Kaveri Jet Engine – ready for take off…

Indeed its a moment of pride for India. Instead of taking pride in Formula One where nothing is Indian, plume in first jet engine made completely in India by Indians. The dream has finally come true for India and Dr. Mohana Rao after almost 20 years.

Dr. Mohana Rao saw a dream of creating a jet engine way back in 1989 when he was working as Junior Technician at the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore. He worked hard since then to build a jet engine for Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

The Kaveri engine will be transported to a testing facility outside Moscow, Gromov Flight Research Institute. At this testing location an IL-76 aircraft will be there which will behold Kaveri as one of the four engines and will be tested for its in air capabilities. Meanwhile the capacities of the engine on ground have been tested. The engine is travelling all the way to Russia as India is not having the testing facilities. (You can imagine how costly the affair of transporting this engine to Russia can be)


(This is Kaveri Jet Engine manufactured in and by India)

But for DRDO this end to the story is a bitter one as this program was very much criticised. As this engine was supposed to be designed for Tejas and was to be of weight 1100 kg but finally came out to be 1265 kg. Similarly Tejas also grew in weight. This is the reason why the made for each other machines could not meet with each other. This is the main reason the DRDO is under criticism.

Now Tejas houses engine from American GE, GE 404-IN which is able to provide it the desired power. This can be an end to Tejas saga but what about Kaveri? Well, Kaveri is now thinking of rejuvenating. Rejuvenating will not be an exact word, but kind of thinking to get more powerful and aesthetic. For that it will require foreign expertise and technology and for that Kaveri or rather GTRE is thinking of joining hands with French aero engine major “Snecma”. Russia’s NPO Saturn was also in the race but India choose Snecma than Saturn.

This is really a success story for India and keeping criticism away from ears and in mind DRDO should walk along the development road.