मनाची पाटी… #Marathi #Poem

काही गोष्टी मनासारख्या,

काही गोष्टी मनाविरुद्ध,
अशी मालिका चालायचीच,
आपण मात्र मनाची पाटी कोरी करायची.
# # #
विषण्णतेच्या गर्तेतून झेप घ्यायची,
मनातला काहूर शमवायचा,
नव्या काहुराला जागा करायची,
मनाची पाटी परत कोरी करायची
# # #
काही व्यक्ती येतात अन,
आपलं आयुष्याच बदलून जातात,
ते गेले म्हणून कच नाही खायची,
मनाची पाटी परत कोरी करायची
# # #
आयुष्यात आनंदाचे क्षण येतात,
असाध्य ते साध्य होतं एकदम,
म्हणून डोक्यात हवा नाही जाऊ द्यायची,
मनाची पाटी परत कोरी करायची
# # #
आयुष्याच्या गोळाबेरजेत अनेकदा,
मनाची पाटी ओतप्रोत भरते,
कोणी येउन पुसेल याची वाट नाही पहायची,
आपल्या मनाची पाटी आपणंच कोरी करायची
— @pbkulkarni

Woes of A Father…

He pulled the kid close to him. There was an urge of a father in pulling the kid. The kid too willingly went into the arms of that person and hugged him till his small hands could reach. The man held the kid with one hand and maneuvered the road blocking rod with other hand. He uses the spot under the tree shadow to make himself safe from beaming Sun rays and dry heat.

The kid was now trying to get rid of from the clutches of that man and run or move wildly on the road. And the man saw danger in it as he was blocking the internal road from the main road, and if the boy runs of main road he might hurt himself. But the kid was oblivious to the facets of manic traffic on the road and etiquettes to follow.


While trying to keep the kid in the clutches the expression on father’s face changed. It was clear from his expressions that he was feeling proud as well as worried about the child’s future. Proud for the reason that the kid found himself as a student in some local playschool and worried because he earned meager salary to fulfill the household necessities and his child’s education. Proud because he felt he is doing the right thing by working hard and earning money for his family. He is treading the right path and has not involved himself in some wrong ways of earning money. This was his hard work’s money, but worried because his daily job was to guard the internal road from main road traffic. He was now thinking, when my son grows and goes to school, will telling my job profile bring shame in him??


Height In Love…

The two were walking by the side of the road. Rather the boy was walking on the road and the girl was on the footpath besides, but still the height matched. Both were so much into each other, they forgot about the world besides them living fully. The boy holding the hand of the girl and they must be talking about their budding love. The girl was at times leaning on the boy and the boy expertly balancing her leaning. She at times bent sideways to explain some things to him, personally. He was also curious to know her case and so tried to be on his heels to show the full attention. They were living in their romantic World; completely oblivious to the fact that World co-existed with them.


What the couple implied was that there is no height issue between them; rather there should not be any height issue in love. The couple was example that Love is Love and height in love is not at all an issue. Yes, what can be an issue is height difference in two mentalities.



Random act of kindness…

First of all, act of kindness cannot be “Random”, it has to come from within. I don’t know why this phrase has come into existence in English language. But alas, nevertheless, its an act of kindness that i witness and experienced yesterday.


I am new in Bangalore, recently got transfered here. So I have been given a company guest house for some time. The last date of accommodation is of today only (28th Oct 2010) and I am yet to find an accommodation (damn this city and accommodations here, they are so tough to find and finalize) 🙂

Anyways, as Diwali is nearing and I am leaving to my hometown on 29th, I thought it would be good if I don’t need to look for 1 day accommodation. So went and ask my guest house manager if he can accommodate me for a single night.


Sticking to the rule, he could have denied my request, but instead of doing that, he said “OK sir, there should not be any issue if you stay here for a night. Its the matter of 1 night only, so why are you worried?”

This is a small incidence, which can happen with anyone. But this act of kindness made me speechless, I was short of words to express my happiness and tried to thank him in every manner 🙂


Such was the incidence, which made me think, if everyone tries “this much” at least to make other’s life more bearable and happy, that would count for “RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS” and ultimately make him a better person.