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In India if you ask anyone what these relatives are, you will get some grim faces in front of your eyes. Well all over the world there are relatives. Whether that is in US or UK or other part of the World. But those relatives will not be so intimidating or irritating as compared to Indian counterparts. Well you will ask me why Indian relatives are so? I mean you will be thinking why I am calling Indian relatives so irritating? But don’t worry, I am explaining the issue a bit.


In US and UK relatives (so called) because in US, UK and Other World excluding Asian countries there are no relatives as such. Because relatives in rest of the world they don’t poke their noses in your personal matters. But that is not so with Indian Relatives. Indian relatives will try as much to poke their noses in your matters as they can. And will make your life miserable. Now consider following examples and you will get a clear idea of what I am saying.


Consider a guy who has got selected in a MNC after he passed his MBA degree. But the order for joining is not coming since some months now, almost 4 months. Considering the market situation he knows that there are no finance profiles available and there are other factors also for not going for some other job for the time being. The guy is well versed with the conditions and that’s why he is sitting idle since 3 months. Now 3 months of idleness is not much if you ask me. But these relatives will irritate you by asking you when is the joining (almost) daily.

                                       Now the other part of asking such questions is giving you some dose about what to do and what not to do. But that’s the thing I am talking about. They will not just make you drink their doses but will irritate you in some other ways too. They will at first ask you to join some other job for time being. Now if you go for the job and the offer you had already gets out of your hand, they will say,“why the hell did you leave the job which was so better than this job?”. On the other hand if you don’t go for the job they will say,“why the hell are you not trying for something else? For how much time you are going to sit idle?” as if the guy’s age gonna bar.


This relative is so shitty business in India. That’s why I follow a simple rule by Swami Vivekananda that “If you know by your inner mind and being true to your own that what you are doing is right and will bring some good to you, then hell with what others think about your doings. You follow your own inner voice.” The benefit of following your own inner voice is that you alone are responsible for what consequences you face. And nobody can say anything or you can not blame anybody else. And a drawback in following other’s advice is, if you loose something you can’t blame those people for they will say who asked you to follow our advice. So you better listen to your own inner voices.


Relatives are called relatives because their opinions are “relative” to the situations and generally exactly opposite to what you do or think. And I guess all people in India will agree to what I am saying.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



It’s great to have multi-tasking skills. It really helps in gaining some weightage at your workplace and at times socially also. When at relative’s place a multi-tasking person really gets all the attention.


But multi-tasking at some places is really uncalled for and unnecessary too. Multi-tasking while driving or voyage is what I am talking of. Recently I was travelling by train. With almost ass seats reserved I asked my mom to be seated on the only vacant seat and I decided to stand near the door. There was a fellow, rather a boy of age around 25, already standing at the door so could not get the position of a doorman.


While standing there I spotted one thing that he was standing with his head tilted to hold the mobile between his head and left ear, with his two spare hands he was grinding tobacco and he was not holding the handle for safety too. This type of multi-tasking is risky one. Similarly while driving a two wheeler I have seen too many people talking on the phone while driving. Is that really necessary? One can always ignore the call and recall once you are off the bike or out of the car. Other option is to stop at the side of the road and pick up the phone. Other option is to go for a hands free, which is generally provided by the mobile company. But such a multi-tasking people show, is not necessary.



Prasad B. Kulkarni



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