Book Review – The Thirty Nine Steps…

The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan

Book TypeCrime and Mystery


I came across this book from a list of “BBC Top 100” books. Somehow I felt like reading the book and I started the process. I haven’t read any book from John Buchan, so thought I would try him.

Let me tell you in the beginning only. The book isn’t “that” fascinating, but still you can go and read for it has some nice old school English phrases and speech techniques. The book is a little fast at some point and a bit too much sluggish at the other. But it still catches your interest and you go on reading it. There is mention of some places in Early London. And if you are not aware of the different places (as I was not while reading it) you might find yourself lost in some paragraphs. But that doesn’t mean the writer should not choose the unknown places. What I feel is the writer wasn’t able to take the readers to the places he is describing in the book (at least he wasn’t able to take me there).

The story is a suspense story and revolves around one character – the protagonist, Mr. Hannay, who is pretty bored of his normal, dull routine and feels there should be some adventure in his life. One fine day, he finds himself amidst the life threatening adventure. A spy comes to his home (why, I don’t know. Why he chose Mr. Hannay is something I too couldn’t figure out) having some information that Karolides will be killed. The spy dies after some days and his adventure begins.

The running away from his home, being sought after fugitive and trying to find the solution while saving his own life – this is what the storyline is like. The book takes speed at some point and lags somewhere. But some of the incidents explained are really good and with nice twists.

But let me tell you frankly, if you are accustomed to read the suspense stories from the likes of Sidney Sheldon or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, then this suspense story will be a bit disappointing for you. Because these two people have upped the standards of twists and suspense so much that this story might seem to you like a normal one and you might say at the end, “Good Try at suspense story writing”.

At least that’s what I said 🙂

Like Crazy (2011) – Movie Review…

As the name suggests, it’s a crazy movie. It successfully portrays the emotional turmoil between the mind when in relationship (before and after marriage, both).

Love is imperfection’s another angle. I mean love is never perfect. Love beholds both, the feeling of hatred, betrayal and feeling of affection. The occurrence and emphasis on these two points decides whether your love is sweet of sour. This point has been portrayed nicely in this movie.

A British girl, studying in US, falls in love with American guy. The love flourishes and she overstays the Student Visa, thus violating the visa and bringing on the ban to visit US. The love birds didn’t want to separate but the time making them stay apart. The “need”, both emotional as well as physical, makes both of them be with people, other than each others.

The betrayal,

The affection

These are the two main forces guiding the couple. Every time they take refuge of one force, the other one gets stronger, thus making it a see-saw of emotions. But as they say, a glass and a trust, once broken cannot be mended perfectly. It cannot be brought back to its original form.

I hope the message the director wants to give from this movie is, always weigh your options and don’t give up easily to temptations. The real character will always yield favorable conditions and will bring happiness ultimately, though a bit late.

Nothing much to talk about in the movie, It’s a slow paced movie but the actress Felicity Jones is beautiful though. She looks very cute. The English accent really brings a nice touch to the dialogue delivery. It’s a soothing touch. The background scores are perfectly composed to complement the situation.

My Rating – 3/5 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )

If you are interested in seeing romantic movie, this one is, I won’t say a Must watch, but a one time watch for sure.