IPL outsourced…

IPL SEASON 2 The most awaited, talked about, seen round the world and involving almost every bully in the world of cricket, in short IPL (Indian Premier League) is being outsourced. Yes. “Outsourced” is the only fitting word I know for. Generally India was the destination and receiver of the outsourced activities from other countries. But for the first time, and that too the Godly game “Cricket” is being outsourced to either South Africa or England. Its really a shame to do such thing.


Indian Premier League is “By Indians, For Indians, On Indian Land but involving foreign players.” This is the brief introduction of IPL. The first season of IPL was a grand success. Even though teams like “Bangalore Royals” and the likes of the teams didn’t perform well, but the owners of every team were multi-billionaires in a month. Every industry felt the boost in the performance with the introduction of IPL. Media industry were the biggest gainers, ground keeping authorities, FMCG companies, players etc followed the suits with grand gains. Though cricket followers and fans gave out money for tickets, but they also gained by the enthrallment and joy of watching the match live on some stadiums. Even the cheerleaders were also benefited from this venture.


Forget about the biggies, even a Pan stall, food malls, hotels, restaurants, small scale shoppers were also benefited hugely from IPL, as public who had to go for jobs while the match was being played used to stop at some point and watch the update. In that period, if one was at Pan stall for grabbing a quick update had to purchase cigarette, Pan or some mouth freshener at least. Or for that matter, for getting access in the hotel he had to get something ordered in their. So though indirectly, everybody was getting benefited from IPL.


But now if the authority takes this game to different country then all these small benefiters are going to loose the cream they would have got from it. We all know that Elections are more important than IPL, but that can not be an excuse to postpone, pre-pone or outsource the game. Cricket is equal to God in India. So if the followers of the God Cricket, which for the fact everybody is, get embarrassed due to such things as outsourcing take it for granted that Elections are gonna get hit big time. At least the some effect will be there. The other thing is that, Indian Political leaders “waste” so much money, in those futile sessions in Lok-Sabha and Rajya-Sabha with no output coming from those session with lakhs or Crores of rupees invested in it. Instead of wasting so much money there, invest some of it at least in strengthening the security, law and order in the country.


I think the solution to strengthening the security of India lies in the statement above. I think if the companies of the likes of Satyam can afford myriad and huge frauds, they can definitely afford to start some “Alternate Military System” which will work under the “Indian Armed Forces” that is “Indian Military” and will share the work load also. In the events of emergency these forces can work like military forces and other times they can take care of internal security of particular state, which they belong to. This will create some employment also and security will not be a concern. Even though the emergency like Mumbai Attack comes, solution can be easily sorted out without having to call those military forces which are working on the border.


Holding IPL in other countries is not the solution. Indian public want to enjoy the game in person, physically being able to stand in the stadium and cheer for their favourite teams. If the IPL is outsourced these public will be at loss as everybody can not afford to go to abroad for watching matches. And another thing is that, IPL is Indian Event and carrying that out in foreign land is uncalled for and not welcome. Security concerns can be worked out, the session can be postponed, or re-worked out. IPL authorities need to leave the adamant views and find some way out. Have some high-tech solutions to prevent any mishaps. As already said by Ayaz Memon, the Common-Wealth Games will come somewhere around the mid-term elections, so are we going to postpone those also? Not carrying out two major events at a single time shows the inability of Indian Government. I think India Government can take the load of two major events. And outsourcing IPL 2 to some other country is definitely not the solution.



Prasad B. Kulkarni