Rainbow of Love…


Seven colors spread,

Where this road ends,

Whole Universe looks close,

When the time bends

* * *

The Sun sprinkles love,

The sky showers bliss,

Let the life end,

But we stay together please

* * *

The grass sprouts from,

Within cracking the asphalt,

Like your love seeps,

Through my tough gault

* * *

Let the rainbow touch,

The ever expanding skies,

Let the truth prevail,

Let’s not entertain lies.


Earth Is The Center…

Article submitted to One Shot Photography ‘s Picture Prompt.

Image by Sean.


Photo clicked by Sean


Galileo said Earth revolves around Sun,

But here Universe is revolving around Earth,

This is looking like magic, I am having fun,

Will I see this in reality in my next birth?


The grass is looking like bunch of rose plums,

Instead of yellow, it has chosen color pink,

The grass buds are clinging like real chums,

Underneath the roots, there is only one link


I don’t know why the house has gotten blue,

The stars are gyrating him, doesn’t have any clue

Is it envy or shy that has colored his inside red?

It is the only house on earth, somewhere he read

The Whole story of a Hole…

As Science has advanced we have come to know various miracles  happening in and around our Universe. We think our Sun is the  biggest  star, but unlike our belief its very small star in the Universe.  There are  stars which are 100 no 1000 times bigger than our Sun. We  can’t imagine what will be there size. But there is one small Hole which is known as Black hole which can eat up Whole stars.

Moral: Not every small thing is small enough to suppress. That small thing can have the power to devastate the biggest of big things. This is what our Spiritual Masters and Indian Sages have mentioned in their scriptures. Always be humble and small but keep the capacity to turn the whole Universe on your own.


Prompted by the prompt @ The One-Minute Writer