16 July, IT happens in Kolkata. But what???

I just happened to come across a video being circulated on Twitter. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link. The video talked something about “16th July, IT happens in Kolkata“, “Be there in Kolkata“.

The video looks promising. Those of you who can attend whatever this is, please book your tickets, plan your travel and accommodation and participate in what seems like an awesome opportunity and event.


The video link is here —> 

My Origami Work…

I was with my family on weekend, when my niece asked me to do some Origami work as she needed them to submit in her school. So I obliged by creating some crafts. All the crafts are of flowers. Below are the clicks of my crafts.

I am in a continuous learning process and learning by watching videos on Youtube as well as reading some raw designs. I find solace in creating such art and crafts. I have created so many crafts in the past too and will continue creating many more. As and when time permits, I will post those crafts too.

All my crafts put together to click.

Close up of Jasmine

Close up of Lily.

Close up of Lotus

Fireworks – Origami

As Diwali is nearing in India, this nice Origami work will be handy for those who want to try something new in their life. I have tried this and I’ve got a good Firework. As and when time permits I’ll upload the photo of my Firework for sure.

I am posting the video of Origami Fireworks here:

Try yourself and enjoy this Diwali to the fullest. I will be posting some new Origami work in coming future too. Keep visiting.