Alone In Masses…

This loneliness amidst the masses is,

Like a burnt patch in lush greenery,

Like being thirsty while drinking water,

Like being alive and dead at one time

 * * *

Yes, it’s a strange feeling,

Though quite close to heart now,

Lying in one corner of the heart,

Peeking unexpectedly time to time

 * * *

I drink water, stomach quite full,

But still mouth gets dry, in more need

It’s that which needs to be quenched,

 * * *

Atoms dance with each other in unison,

When their frequency matches,

They mix with each other and,

Transform the mechanism of bond

 * * *

It’s important to find a person,

With heart beating at similar frequency,

To understand your emotions and,

To be your friend in true sense

 * * *

No wonder, finding a good friend is very hard.

For that you need matching heartbeats

Because to check the frequency of them

One needs a tuning fork, good resonance

 * * *

— Prasad



दूर कहिँ से पत्तोंकी,

चरमराहट सुनाई दे रही है,
किसके है वो कदम,
जो सन्नाटा चीर रहे है.

दूर कहिँ से कोयल कि,
कूक सुनाई दे रही है,
ना जाने किसके आने का,
वो आगाज़ दे रही है.

दोपहर कि कडी धूप मे,
ठण्डी हवा का झोंका आया है,
पसीने से लतपत चेहरे पे,
हल्की सी मुस्कान लाया है.

ना जाने वक्त का ये,
किसके तरफ इशारा है,
कहिँ ये वो तो नही,
जिसका मुझे इन्तेज़ार है?