Joy of giving…

Joy of giving comes,

From even smallest things,

Lofty presents may galore,

But it is all about,

Small package, big happiness

It comes in various shapes,


Joy of giving a lift,

To a beautiful lady,


Joy of giving a hug,

For it warms the heart,


Joy of giving lecture,

For it elates the ego,


Joy of giving education,

For it creates generation,


Joy of giving clothes,

For it covers the naked,


Joy of giving money,

To the needy of course,


Joy of giving gifts,

To your loved ones,


Joy of giving flowers,

For it spreads fresh air,


Joy of giving a sapling,

For it brings nature close,


Joy of giving a slap,

For it expresses a lot,


Joy of donating your eyes,

For someone will see the world,


Joy of giving your attention,

For someone deserves it,

by @pbkulkarni

Behind That Door


Courtesy: Photograph by Highlander

“What could be behind that door?” this question has been haunting him since last some years.

The house is four times as old as he is, and the door has remained close for more than three times his age. As the generations progressed, the reasons became lesser and lesser known. He always wondered why this urge of opening the door and seeing what lies behind it has never hit anyone from his family. Or did it hit some of them?
He too, numerous times, has had this tingling sensation to go and open the door. Check out what does that door hidden in shadows, resting in plain sight, holds. Are there any dirty secrets? Are there any facts which might put all of us in danger if exposed? Are there any objects which are kept there for rainy day? But objects out for rainy day is ruled out, because not a single will of his ancestors seem to mention anything about such things, objects.

He used to loiter around the door, around at the evening time so that the shadows hide his presence. He has touched the lock numerous times, but has chickened out when it came to opening it. Thinking if something unusual, something unexpected, something bad happens because of this, he would never be able to forgive himself. But then I would never be able to make a decision, face the consequences if I don’t open the door at all, he thought to himself.
The other day he was standing in front of the door, staring at the wood and the carvings on it, may be trying to look right through it without having to open it. A faint smile appeared on his lips. He was amused how this situation perfectly matches to our life. How this phenomenon aptly describes the life, his life, our life.

We all are aware of quite some such doors life offers us, but we chicken out when it comes to opening them. What if something bad happens? What if this is not the right door? What if…? We get caught in some “what ifs” and allow the moment to pass. It’s as simple as a diversion in the road. If you don’t take the diversion, you might not lead to the point where you want to go. Or maybe you’ll somehow figure out another set of diversions to reach that point, but then at what cost remains the question. If only we have had the courage to anyway open the door and see what it holds for us? Unless and until we open the door, we’ll not come to know.

“Go ahead, open the door” a calm and composed voice coming from behind startled him. He quickly turned back and suddenly went pale and shaky in his knees. It was his father, standing in front of him with a faint, content smile on his face. That confused him even more.

“You heard me. Go ahead and open the door” reiterated his father slowly moving towards him. “I’ve been observing you since quite some time now. I see you loitering around here and your expressions speak your heart out. I know you want to open this door and see what’s inside” confronted his father. This sudden turnaround of events really puzzled him.

“But dad…” he started to speak when his father cut him, “No ifs and buts now. Even I have been having the same questions you have about this door, but never had the guts to open it. Over the years the enthusiasm and earnestness to know what lies behind this door has also waned. But I now, at the later stage of my life, understand that I should have taken the step forward instead of backing out. I see that you are interested and before that interest dies I want you to take the chance. Whatever the outcome is, whatever the consequences are I want you to give it a shot. So go ahead and open the door”.

By the time his father finished with his confrontation, he was more than happy and eager to do the act. He ran towards his father, hugged him and holding his hand he came back to the door, “Let’s do this together” said he.

The lock opened with a bit of force, the door creaked open and they went inside.

At A Gun Point…

Courtesy: Photo by Basir Seerat. Visit

Courtesy: Photo by Basir Seerat. Visit

At a gun point,

Hatred turns into fear,

A lie becomes a truth and,

Minute seems like an year

 # # #

At a gun point,

The house loses its master,

Heart skips the beats,

And the legs run faster

 # # #

At a gun point,

The tears run dry,

A frown turns straight,

With blink of an eye

 # # #

At a gun point,

Humanity ceases to exist,

The beholder becomes God,

With the object in his fist

 # # #

At a gun point,

The souls depart to hell,

The water runs out,

And dries down the well

 # # #

— @pbkulkarni

Note: This poem is dedicated to all those people from across the world who have live at the gun points, constantly.


Courtesy: Photo by Jim Pankey "WildSpirit" Jim's Photography can be found at Picasa and Fotothing

Courtesy: Photo by Jim Pankey “WildSpirit”
Jim’s Photography can be found at Picasa and Fotothing

“Hold my hand. Let’s go”,

Said she extending her hand,

And advancing ahead of me,

I too quickly obeyed and,

Grabbed her hand and lunged forward.

 # # #

Not for a second,

Did I have any doubt,

That the hands will guide me,

To a place I deserve,

To a place I am safe.

 # # #

The road lead us through,

Shrubs and thorns,

Through the lush fields,

Of barley and corns,

Through the soothing shadows,

Of aspen and pine,

Through the treacherous Sun

Dragging hands o’ mine

 # # #

The path was laden with troubles,

But she never burst my bubbles,

Always gave power to my wings,

Taught to gracefully take the stings,

She converted my thorny path,

Into a flowery red carpet

 # # #

— @pbkulkarni

Inch by Inch…

Encroach that Sun,

Hide him for some time,

Illuminate his ring,

Inch by inch

 # # #

Steal her heart,

Entice her soul,

Make her yours,

Inch by inch

# # #

Feel your thoughts,

Scrub them clean,

Discard the negativity,

Inch by inch

 # # #

Help the needy,

Feed the greedy,

Spread the happiness,

Life by life.

# # #

— @pbkulkarni


एक दिन वो मुस्कुराकर कह दिए,
काफी दिनों से बात नहीं हुई,
हम भी हँसकर बोलें हाँ,
कभी आँखें चार ही नहीं हुई.
     * * *
वो बोली अब रोज़ करेंगे बातें,
बर्बाद लम्होंको भर निकालेंगे,
हम में थोड़ी उमंग भर आई,
सोचा अब वक़्त अच्छे से गुज़ारेंगे.
     * * *
बातों की जगह बातें रह गयी,
यादें आते आते थम सी गयी,
कब आएगा उनका संदेसा,
सांसें इंतेज़ार करती रह गई.
     * * *
                         — @pbkulkarni