What is media upto???

Media….. The word in itself should bring rebel feelings, threat in wrong doer’s mind, justice to victims and entertainment. But today Indian Media is not serving any of these purposes. Here I am not talking about print media. The issue here is of Broadcasting Media. Why this is happening? Ever wondered?

There are various reasons for this thing to work in a wrong way.

1. May be they are not interested to show what is real.

2. May be they are just running behind making money.

3. May be they are under influence of some HIGH PROFILE person.

These statements stated above get distributed further into other factors. But this is the broader aspect of it. (I may be forgetting something or I may not understand other issues also, but its upto Masses to correct me, if I am wrong)

We all know that media is on wrong turn, we all know that something is amiss. But nobody does anything for correcting their faults. Because nobody is having time for all these things. But there is something wrong in this also. People like to watch all the crap things going on T.V. They always cry foul on these things. But no steps towards correction. My god, whats happening to our countrymen????

Just to have glimpse of how pathetic the situation is I will show you people some photos of India TV which I received through mail just yesterday.

After looking these pictures one can imagine how pathetic is the situation. These are some of the photos of the series. In my opinion this channel could not find anything better than this the whole day. Pathetic… 😡

Similarly, when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was being relieved from hospital after his treatment, the NEWS was breaking news. It stated “Mr. Amitabh Bachchan came out of the hospital at 12:12:12 (thats 12 BAJKAR 12 MINUTE 12 SECOND)”. It is agreed that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the eminent personalities of India. Showing news related to him is quite obvious but making this kind of fuss will not be satisfying to Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also. Am I right Big B??

Couldn’t these channels see hungry people running here and there for their daily food. Couldn’t these channels see politicians playing foul? Couldn’t these channels find people asking help to get justice? I mean what these media people made of?? Aren’t they humans????

I remember watching a news channel on the day of Parliament . A well known person was interviewing mass of people. And he was not asking Open Ended questions that he should have asked. Rather he was asking such questions the answers of which he wanted from people. This is very ridiculous.

There are so many things to write about these foul plays. But currently I stop here controlling my feelings. And keeping something for you people. Hope this article will ignite some fire in your mind and you come up with something that will change Indian Media.


Prasad B. Kulkarni

One day proved it all..

When we think about those days now, we all seem to sing only one song, or i will say only one song comes to our mind… “Those were the best days of my life – Summer of 69”. Really those were the precious and countable days of our lives. Somewhat rebellious, somewhat enjoying and much more beyond the explanation.

We today also remember the days when we rebelled against management. Issue was serious and we all were charged up to take against the management and concerned persons. We all unitedly fought for our friend who lost her laptop that day. We bunked all classes and sat in front of the office demanding to listen to us and provide some solution. Management was not expecting this from us. They thought some limited students will turn up for protest and they can easily toss the ball. But unexpectedly all their predictions went wrong.

We all were having some problems regarding one thing or other. But we sat there from 8.30 in the morning to 11.30 in the night. We assured them that we are not going to disperse untill they come up with some positive solution. We were united for fighting. This was the situation where supporting our victim friend was necessary, and we did the same. She was very contempt with the support from us. She knew there are people who will turn up for her.

We found out one tool, thats OPEN HOUSE, for solving such “critical” issues. Finally, at last, management came up with some solutions and we agreed to it partly. The solution was partly serving our purpose. But none the less solution was important.

But through these such issues one thing came to our notice, or in fact everybody’s notice, that our Batch, the whole batch (all 180 students) was united. Even today we are UNITED and fight for such issues and prove our UNITY…. Hats off to our BATCH…(2007-09 Batch)….


Prasad B. Kulkarni

 In my B-School (thats ITM, Navi Mumbai) life i experienced one day, which i couldn’t have experienced otherwise. I was a part of team who experienced this thing. There was a program organized by Spic-Macay in our college as a part of the events carried out by ITM Music Circle.
Even though this is very old event, which took place in December of 2007, I am sharing it because I have just started blogging and I want to share this event as it was big event in my life.
We have a circle called ITM Music Circle at ITM, Navi Mumbai. And this music circle is dedicated to expose the MBA grads to the classical singing, dancing and other cultural activities. The Music Circle has been founded in 2007 only as an initiative for imbibing cultural and classical seeds in the management students. As a part of activity carried out by ITM Music Circle, we carried out two major events in our college.
The first major event was a Classical Dance program by Dr. Kanak Rele – One of the most distinguished dancers of India. Even though she was almost 65 years of old, she performed excellantly. The energy she was having was breathtaking. She could easily surpass any teenager today for everything, and specially in Energy.
The second program was a performance of Pt. Arvind Parekh. He is noted Sitar player and a noted industrialist also. He is chairman of Lee-Muirhead. This is his distinction. Very few industrialists are into classical singing/dancing/activities. There are very few who manage to perform two activities at a single go. Pt. Arvind Parekh is one of those. He runs his company as effieciently as he plays his Sitar. He is a maestro in Sitar Playing.
These were the two major events which were carried out in ITM, Navi Mumbai by ITM Music Circle successfully. And today I feel very proud that I was a part of those events. I also feel proud that I was a part of team which managed all these things.
Today I am in Second Year of MBA. These all activities generally include First Year students. So I may no more be a part of organising committees. But whenever possible I will contribute something to these events. And I also pray god that ITM Music Circle be a grand success. and I hope they carry these kinds of activities every now and then to imbibe Indian Culture into Fresh MBA minds.
Prasad B. Kulkarni

My life at B-School

Dear all,

I am into a B-school since last 1 and half year almost. There were numerous events and times which we enjoyed a lot. Those were the days which will hardly come into our lives in the future but only memories will live with us.

There are numerous things like Hostel life, Canteen food, Batch-B (thats my batch), Mumbai rain, Birthday celebrations, presentations etc etc…. the list will really go at length. But in short, the life at B-school is really an enjoyable event.

I was in Batch-B when i was in first year. We did various things togetherly. We did presentations, role-plays, various events like Independance day celebration, Birthday parties. We used to celebrate our batch mate’s birthdays like a major event. We used to do a contribution 10 rs. each and everybody contributed actively thus making the birthdays memorable throughout the lives. We used to bring cakes and snacks. Then any one class we used to perform the cake-cutting ceremony. Do all “halla-gulla” and “masti” and then distribute the cake in all.

Those celebrations created a bonding between us. The bond which we will never forget. Those parties brought us together and bonded us with Fevicol. No birthday was missed. and if we are going on vacation then we used to celebrate those birthdays in advance so that there will not be any feeling of missing out his/her birthday. Thus we never missed anybody’s birthday.

But as the bonding was becoming more strong and we were continuously celebrating the birthdays, a day came and we Batch-B people parted away. Untill that moment we were cohesive. But second year of B-School life appeared and Batch-B was dismantled officially, and not mentally.

We still are together with our souls attached and even if the members of our batch are not persuing different specializations, we are still together with our hearts. We are now thinking of starting our celebration spree once again. Because we dont want to miss on the opportunity we are currently having. As the days will pass we will enter into Corporate World and then the moments for celebrating with Batch-B members will be minimal. So we are thinking of banking on the opportunity and starting our celebration spree once again.

Hope the moments to cherish in future life will come to our life….


Hope we stick together....

Hope we stick together....