Confusing Expressions…

The other day I was traveling in Delhi Metro. Besides being a cozy ride in air conditioning across the city, the metro is also a source of experiencing, knowing different people. Some are pretentious snobs while some are very simple. Some are helpful whereas some are inconsiderate. Besides studying them and their behaviors from a distance, listening to their conversations is also funny sometimes.

That day two married men were sitting in front of me. Their wives sitting at some distance, and hence these two could open their mouth, so to say. One of the wives was going to her maika (maiden home). And both of them were discussing how often their wives visit maiden house.

One said his wife last went to her maiden home some 18 years ago. The other man gasped at it and made a face glancing towards his wife (of course without her noticing the expression). He then replied saying “my wife visits her maiden home every year almost, sometimes even twice the year”.

What I couldn’t understand was his expression while saying this. Was there a twinkle in his eyes (that he gets the freedom every year) or serious tear drop blinking at the thought of being away from her?