Book Review – The Best Laid Plans

Category – Thriller
Rating – 3/5

The plot is very well woven. The detailed description of the environment around a person, the facial expressions and parentheses quotes and statements make it a joy to read. There is no doubt about the writing skills of the author – Sidney Sheldon. But this particular book isn’t a masterpiece for sure.

Oliver Russell wants to change something in the system, for betterment of society. He is also thirsty for power. Senator Davis wants a pawn in President’s place. He decides that pawn will be Oliver Russell. Oliver Russell is also thirsty for girls and sex. Random flicks with secretaries and receptionists and keeping the whole affair a going concern is his forte. He falls in love with Leslie Stewart and their love for eachother is widely discussed. They are supposed to get married. But something changes and Oliver betrays Leslie. This triggers revengeful thoughts in Leslie’s mind. The thoughts are so powerful that she amasses Media industry in the country to take down Mr. President. This is where the real story starts and goes on to describe the best laid plans to take down the President on one side and to make him continue the second term in the office.

It is a good example of how best laid plans can also get screwed. Senator Davis and Leslie Stewart (a betrayed fiancee) plan and invest their whole life in screwing President’s (Oliver Russell) life a hell. But their best laid plans too see bumpy ride. In fact, the best laid plans get screwed.

There are some lessons to be learned from the book.
1. Never think you are THE knowledgeable person. There’ll always be someone who has more intellect than you.
2. Never try to be over-smart, as Leslie Stewart did, by broadcasting the news a bit too early.
3. Never underestimate the person you have put your baits on. It’s not necessary that the bait will always work as per your will.

But there were some of the loose ends as well. Dana Evans was the major distraction. All said and done about her, the sufferings in Sarajevo and the life people led there, didn’t make much sense and contribution to the story. Dana Evans wasn’t a fitting mosaic in the footpath towards the main road. Rest all was pretty perfect.

A random lady from the bookstore recommended this book to my friends, saying this is one of the best works by Sidney Sheldon. But I somewhat would not agree to that statement. I have read far more compelling and riveting novels by Sidney Sheldon. But nonetheless this book is a nice read, not just because my friends gifted me this book 🙂