Judicial Incompetency…

Well, there are umpteenth number of examples to justify the statement I have made above. But sticking to some key cases, I will try to justify the statement that  in India, Judicial Services are running on the incompetent track.

1) Abdul Karim Telgi.

The one who whitewashed the whole country in stamp business and earned whopping Rs. 202 Crores daily has got punishment after almost 12 years. The stamp paper fraud took place in 1994 and after that Telgi was sent from one judicial custody to other without getting any punishment. The conviction and subsequent punishment came in January 2006. 17 January 2006 was the date when Abdul Karim Telgi was sentenced for 10 years of rigorous imprisonment.

The second punishment came on 28 June 2007 sentencing 13 years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of whopping Rs 202 crores.

Even Abdul Karim Telgi was relieved to hear him getting the punishment finally. Even he thanked the judge for punishing him finally.

The question here is what took the courts 12 years to punish Abdul Telgi? Was the case so complicated thats it took the court 12 years to solve the mystery???

2) 1993 Bomb Blast Case.

Same is with “1993 Bomb Blast” case. The link I have provided here clearly says, “though the conviction and result came after 16 years, only the small fishes were caught and fried. The bigger fishes in the game were long long gone“.

This case also took 16 years to solve and to convict the culprits. But these culprits were only pawns in the game. The main King or the Queen are out of the sight.

The same question comes in mind here too. What took them 16 years to convict the culprits? Similar things have happened with Gujarat Riots, Malegaon Bomb Blast and so many other cases.

Reference: The article in http://www.indiatime.com/2009/07/27/1993-bomb-blasts-convictions-continue/ in It’s IndiaTime.

3) Ajmal Kasab.Ajmal Kasab

This 25 year old young phony have brought tears in many eyes. But still he is not speaking up and the case is not leading anywhere. He is enjoying the cozy of locker and is being provided with newspapers and other resources. Though it’s being said that he is kept away from any media exposure and is isolated, it was revealed in some trials that he gets to read newspaper daily. Even the ex-police officers have admitted that Kasab gets newspaper to read.

He also demands perfume to clear the air around his jail room. He also demands the money which his Pakistani friend had packed in his rucksack. What is this? Is Ajmal Kasab a celebrity? How can he demand such things and not damned?

But one thing is there. Kasab is just a pawn in this game and the King’s won’t mind him getting eliminated. That is why it is important to get to the root of this case, find and convict the King/Queen of the game. Otherwise the Kasab trial would lead to where the 1993 Bomb Blast case lead. As is mentioned in an article by IndiaTime on 27 July 2009.

Reference: An article http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/crosslines/entry/kasab-trial-or-circus1 by Ranjan Roy.

Fast Track courts – A chaos.

As per the decision of Supreme Court of India, India decided to set up Fast Track courts to clear backlogs and give fast justice. But the primary motive of Fast Track courts seems to be loosing out. Now the government want Fast Track courts out of the scene before they complete their 5 years term. Fast Track courts are now finding it difficult to work because of non-availability of fund. They are starving of funds. And who is responsible for this?

According to a report of Dr. Madabhushi Sridhar, faculty at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, the number of cases pending are alarming. As per figures available on July 5, 2000, the total number of cases pending before the Supreme Court was 21,600 against 1.05 lakhs a decade ago. As for the High Courts, pending cases number 34 lakhs now, against 19 lakhs 10 years ago. The number of cases pending for more than 10 years is 645 in the Supreme Court and 5,00,085 in the High Courts. (According to Frontline, July 07, 2001)

The reason attributed to such an alarming increase in the pending cases is non-filling of vacancies of Judges. Thus fast-track courts are also loosing out on this.

Reference: An article http://www.legalservicesindia.com/articles/misoj.htm by Dr. Madabhushi Sridhar, Faculty at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

Though various cases are getting forwarded to Fast Track court, i doubt how quick the fast track courts can come to the decision. The Judicial System needs to awake and see the loop holes in the system. And try and figure out the ways to cover those loop holes so in the future an common man won’t be afraid of coming to the court and will be assured that “Courts in India mean JUSTICE“.

All the delay and lack of accountability and half baked schemes amount to a daily mockery of the fundamental right to speedy trial. The Supreme Court made it clear that “speedy trial is of essence to criminal justice and there can be no doubt that the delay in trial by itself constitutes denial of justice” (Hussainara Khatoon V. State of Bihar AIR 1979 SC 1364).

4G before 3G???

Well guys, there is one surprising news  here.

“Intel is thinking of entering in Indian market with 4G”

4g-logo Yes, Intel is in conversation with some major telecom companies in India like Bharti, Reliance etc. Intel wants minority stakes of these companies and is willing to introduce WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) in India. WiMAX is one of the BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) technology which is in nascent stages in India. Almost all of the US is using WiMAX and 4G technologies and India is not yet decided on 3G.


Isn’t it a shame that even after declaring the introduction of 3G in India since almost 1 and half year, we are still at the “no-where” situation? DoT (Department of Telecom) and Defence Ministry are fighting over the spectrum availability since some months now. Don’t know who is at fault, but its getting stand-still again after some movement. Even if someone goes for RTI (Right to Information) I doubt how revealing that would be.


3g_candyLOGO1 Currently India is having only 6.5 million broadband subscribers, which is very much below par as compared to the estimated 20 million till 2010. So if the government is not able to bring customers to broadband, what they will be able to do for wireless? The main problem because of which people are reluctant even for broadband, let alone for wireless is, the price tag with which they come. The huge price which the subscriber is asked to pay makes them shy away from the services.


At first the government should clear the mess about 3G and then pave the way for 4G. Because 4G is supposed to be one stage ahead of 3G. So if 4G is made available in India, who will go for 3G? And then the setup for 3G will go in vein.

But the thing is that, 3G and 4G will be very costly for general public and hence won’t gain momentum till the government makes in usable to common public.

Entrepreneurship on the rise in India and China

On the backdrop of Global Recession, Indian and Chinese people have scored a bit more in entrepreneurial market. Previously asleep tigers and dragons are awakening now.

The entrepreneurship have been on the rise since 2008 only, but the recession has provided an excellent platform for the budding entrepreneurs. As jobs are shrinking, more and more people are thinking of setting up their own start-ups.


The link above gives a fair amount of idea as to why and how the entrepreneurship is on the rise. The website of Harvard Business School is good in providing such information. The site is named as Working Knowledge by HBS.

Identity Crisis…

Really a huge problem in front of we people right now. What’s your real identity? Do you know the real thing about yourself? Does your close ones know the real identity of yours?

There are umpteenth number of occasions when we suffer of this “Identity Crisis”. Do you get anything in your head burning? Can you think of a situation that has happened in your life where you felt the Identity Crisis?

Well, how about following example?

Suppose you are out of your house and someone who looks exactly the same with similar habits and behavior comes in your home. Some time after you come back and see yourself sitting in the couch. Upon questioning his origin and authenticity he cross-questions you asking the same things and you feel how am I gonna prove my closed ones that I am the real person and this one is fake?

Does your parents know something special about yourself that the others may not know. Because when such person tries to infiltrate your family life, they come well prepared and you better pull your socks up and think what’s unique about you and yes, your family should know about this uniqueness.

Well, the situation may seem filmy here, but let me tell you that however filmy such things happen in our lives. These occasions may not be the exact replica of what I have portrayed above, but the gist is the same. The story holds it’s plot though the characters differ.

When we fail somewhere down the line, make some mistake at some point or don’t get what we deserve, we sit dejected and lonesome. That time this “Identity Crisis” peeks its head up. You start thinking

a) Who am I?

b) What’s my identity?

c) What’s my forte?

These questions coming in our mind indicates the “Identity Crisis”. This thing happens with each and everyone. And the need of knowing some unique characteristics of yourself come handy at this point. The relatives or family in the consideration will be your mind and yourself will ultimately depict your body.

So in such an emergency, your mind should know what’s that uniqueness that will distinguish between you and your dummy. So always keep in mind

a) Who am I?

b) What’s my identity, and

c) What’s my forte?

before falling prey to “Identity Crisis”.

Rangoli – Peacock

The Peacock I've drawn.

The Peacock I've drawn.

This is the Rangoli I have drawn on the eve of Lakshmi Pooja, Deepawali.

It’s considered to be very auspicious to draw a Rangoli on the day of Lakshmi Pooja. The Rangoli is drawn in order to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to our house. Drawing Rangoli is considered one of the important steps in Lakshmi Pooja.