Satisfaction… #5Lines

A king gave food to the guest,

So did a poor family too, more happily,

The guest was satisfied more with the poor,

A king has surplus, so giving is no big deal,

But being poor and still sharing, remarkable


Prompted at: May Challenge Prompts [Day 13: Satisfaction] and May International Month for 5Lines poem 

Live Like Water Flow…

Don’t be befuddled by obstacles,

For they befriend your enemies,

Live like water flow, finding way,

Through the rocks and crevices


Don’t keep the grudges for long,

For they contaminate your soul,

Live like water flow, moving ahead,

While leaving behind the foul


Don’t refrain yourself from committing,

For it requires forgetting, falling free,

Live like a water flow, forgetting self,

Or you will end up being a dead sea.


Prompted at: May Challenge Prompts – [Day 12 – Flush/Water Flow]

Information… #5Lines #Tanka #EnvelopeQuintlet

Beep beep beepeep beep,

He said “I Love You” to her,

She couldn’t get it,

Information of no use,

If not in proper format.


Note: This is “5Line” poetry form known as “Tanka

Tanka : is a japanese form of poetry with syllable patterns as 5-7-5-7-7 , where the care is to be taken that both the first three and the last three lines can stand on its own and make a sensible poetry.


Teach to others what you know,

That will increase your knowledge,

Keeping to yourself is of no use,

Share the wisdom, take a pledge,

Otherwise the wisdom will blow.


Note: This is “5Lines” poetry form known as “Envelope Quintlet

Envelop Quintet :  Rhyme pattern of abbba / abcba


Prompted at May Challenge Prompts