Wasted and Found…

Wasted days and wasted nights,

Unsaid words and aimless fights,

A gaze into the hollow,

The breaths getting shallow,

The mind caught in the swirls,

Thoughts taking unwanted curls,


A distant ocean stirs,

The vision kind of blurs,

As the time progresses,

As the moment possesses,

The centrifuge will slow down,

Unfit thoughts will drown


The calm will spread again,

Sane will be the brain,

The dialogues will soon begin,

Faces will soon sport the grin,

Fights converted to banter,

The bond will start to canter.


— @pbkulkarni



Written for daily prompt – Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

Beginning of Poetic Journey… #OctPoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 Post for “OctPoWriMo“. Today’s prompt – “Lets write a Poem about Why We wrote that very first poem.


Brought up in a family,

Filled with poems,

Spiritual or sarcastic,

Fun or sardonic,

The blood always had,

Words along with platelets,

The organs always had,

A sense of rhyme,

The eyes always searched,

For the nuances,

To bind them with words,

And yet set them free

* * *

But it needed a self cursing,

For those words to come out,

Like a free flowing water,

A disgusted punch in the palm,

To make them write,

As soon as they reach the tips,

A sense of futility,

For wasting so much of time,

To make the juices flow

* * *

Since then the mind,

Remembers all of this,

Recognizes the prompts,

From the surrounding,

Tries to devise a poem,

Conventional or abstract,

Rhyming or not,

But it blows in life,

And makes it sound poetic.

— @pbkulkarni

I Wore You Like…


Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

I wore you like a bruise,

Just above the skin,

Wounds deep within,

But with content grin

* * *

I wore you like a gash,

Deep inside the flesh,

Bleeding profusely,

And yet feeling afresh

* * *

I wore you like a fracture,

Breaking me in pieces,

But to have you in my life,

The feeling never ceases

— @pbkulkarni

“Love Rain” — [Random Feelings Series]

Along the breeze,

came a musky smell,

tingling the inner walls,

ringing the inner bell

* * *

Head turned towards,

eyes searching her curves,

the smell hazed the senses,

was getting to his nerves

* * *

He saw the contours,

of her air blown hairs,

her blurred image,

through his sepia glares

 * * *

The time froze there,

when she came and hugged,

the feeling was ecstatic,

why you need to be drugged?

* * *

He pinched himself,

hard enough to feel the pain,

before he gets drenched,

in the shower of love rain.

– – – PBK


I am lost amidst the crowd,

So homogenous that no one notices,

Black in the night,

Golden in the morning,

And Incognito the whole day

 >< >< ><

I feel like a pamphlet,

Lying on the roadside,

Waiting to get attention,

Trying to get the dust off,

Somehow holding the ink

 >< >< ><

My availability, mistaken,

My attention, taken for granted,

My requirements, ignored,

My views, judged and

My absence, desired.

 >< >< ><

I am that beat on the drum,

Which got subdued in bass,

That horn of a scooter,

Which drained in truck’s honk

Present but still absent.

>< >< ><