Wasted and Found…

Wasted days and wasted nights,

Unsaid words and aimless fights,

A gaze into the hollow,

The breaths getting shallow,

The mind caught in the swirls,

Thoughts taking unwanted curls,


A distant ocean stirs,

The vision kind of blurs,

As the time progresses,

As the moment possesses,

The centrifuge will slow down,

Unfit thoughts will drown


The calm will spread again,

Sane will be the brain,

The dialogues will soon begin,

Faces will soon sport the grin,

Fights converted to banter,

The bond will start to canter.


— @pbkulkarni



Written for daily prompt – Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.

Shameless Bastard…

“What’s your problem if I am ready to stay here alone”?? She asked to her son, with tremendous pain in her eyes.

Her husband has passed away some years back and she painstakingly brought up her only child amidst all the problems. She educated him to the extent of making him able to get a well paying job in US. He later got married and settled in US. But his mother was not willing to leave India, as she has all the attachments with this place. Her lifespan with her husband was attached with this place. Every possible remembrance she has, she has of this place. So she decided to stay back in India and she did.

Her son after getting married applied for Green Card and became permanent citizen of US. He bought a big house there and then bought a lavish flat in India where his mother used to stay. She made more and more friends. She used to go to social gatherings in the garden of her apartment; she used to play with kids playing in there. Everything was going as she wanted it to. Her son used to come to India in vacations and go back in a month or so. She used to cherish every moment of their stay. Her son tried to convince her to come to US with them, but she used to deny every time. She had her own reasons.

One fine day, son’s wife decided to bring her statement out in front of everyone, which was being discussed in her bedroom only.

She asked her mother in law, “you either come with us to US or vacate this house and we will enroll you to old age house. This flat has huge value tag, it can be sold for around 70-75 lakhs. So please decide now only, before we leave for US.”

It was a shock for her. She looked at her son expectantly for some support, but he had already caved in to his wife. She saw the shame in his eyes, the denial to support her and she was devastated from inside. Her whole life flashed in front of her. 9 months of bearing him in her womb, every single day of his illness, the financial penury she endured to teach him, making her heart rock solid to allow him to go to US and tears rolled down her eyes. Not believing her son’s behavior and his coldness towards herself, her heart broken into million pieces. She mourned her husband’s death that time the most. Because she didn’t have time to mourn his death, as she had a son to bring up, the same son who bailed out on her now.

She decided to keep mum, nodded in affirmative and went in her room. The shameless son and his victorious (?) wife went in their room, much content with the outcome, oblivious to the real outcome.

In the night, when everything was silent as dead, the watchman sitting down at the entrance gate of apartment, heard a big thud sound and was surprised. He came running towards the origin of sound and found her lying in bloodshed. She had jumped off 11th floor, from her balcony, after going through numerous of such incidents, like one that happened that day. She couldn’t bear the thought of staying in old age house. Moreover she couldn’t bear the thought of her son betraying her and not supporting her.

The watchman went running towards flat 1101. He told the situation to her son. Her son gave him some money and packed the bags immediately and left for US, without even cremating his mother’s body, without even doing the last rituals.

This is a real story and nothing of this story is cooked up. This has happened in the apartment pretty close to where I lived. I seriously pity the mother who committed suicide, her all efforts to make her son able and a good person bore no fruits. Her “Sanskar” have gone down the drainage. I can’t imagine what she might have gone through from the moment she nodded affirmative and she jumped off the balcony. And I don’t wanna even think of it. May her soul rest in peace and may God take her good care, because her shameless son wasn’t able to.

Disclaimer: This is a real story, but I have purposefully not disclosed the location and city.