Law(less) and (dis)Order…

I pity Indian Law structure. Every time something like German Bakery or 26/11 incidents take place, our crime investigation team appears on the crime scene for not to be seen there again. Political leaders and media persons also come on the crime scene to contaminate the crime scene to unrecoverable extent. Political leaders really don’t understand anything in the solving the crime. So why does they have to be there? We don’t see any senator visiting the crime scene in US or UK. Why? They also care about the vote banks, don’t they?

Even though media person is not allowed to enter the caution marks put there, but the footage he brings through TV is very bad. Media is not supposed to speculate onto anything, they are just to show what’s happening and should leave the speculation part on Crime investigators. But this doesn’t happen here. 26/11 footage actually was a massacre and black dot in the history of media. We could see the army and commando personnel’s exact position, where he is standing, in which direction he is pointing his weapon. If we can see those things can’t the terrorists see these things? The news channels air in other countries also. If the people who have actually planned these events see these details they will surely convey the same to the trapped terrorists.


Coming back to the point, when we hold some guy responsible for a crime and bring him in the court for right judgement we also think of taking help of this case to stop the future such crime events. If a guy is held for over-speeding on the expressway or has caused some accident, we bring him in court and punish him for making this an example and a teaching for those who may do such things in future. So a judgement is not merely a judgement for that person alone or for the present condition we are though, but is supposed to make a long lasting impact on the general public and refrain them from repeating the same stuff again.

                But this doesn’t seem to be happening in India. We always hear the stories and some true incidents from someone that in Singapore or Malaysia, you will be asked to pay hefty fine for spitting in public places or littering on road. Why this is so? Not just to punish the guy who did that, but to refrain others also from doing such mean activities. Other person will think twice before spitting in public place afterwards.


In France, people are asked to categorise the household garbage into three different categories and are asked to maintain three different coloured dustbins for them. The first one is Green in colour and is meant for the kitchen wastes and wet garbage. The second one is Red which is meant for bio-hazardous materials and the Blue is meant for other dry garbage. If the pick-up person finds that the waste has not been categorised properly by particular house, the house is penalised for certain amount. This is not just for that particular home for refraining from wrongdoing again but also to set an example in front of other public.

In India we don’t see the stringent and strict application of the laws and that is the main reason why we find law to be incompetent. It’s not about the law but about the law executers. The law never fails, but the executers. There can be some exceptions for the laws but that’s just part and parcel. We always go through the axioms and theories in Maths but we also go through the exceptions too. So does that mean maths is wrong? No.

Flash Forward – A new series on ABC…

While scanning through a torrent site in search of some good TV serials I came across new series named “Flash Forward“. Actually after finishing “Friends” and “Prison Break” long back I was thinking of watching some other series. But was not having time so could not see them. That’s the reason I was searching for some new series on air and came across this series through

Now coming back to this series, the series starts with one of the lead actor trying to come out of his car with some yanking and blinking noise in the background. The series is all about people blacking out at exactly the same time world wide, adjusting the local time zones. The black out spanned for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Initially the black out looked chaotic and hazy but then after some investigation and experience sharing, FBI agents come to know that people have fore-visioned 29th April 2010 that is 6 months in advance.

Flash Forward
Flash Forward

They then set up a website to compile the experiences and visions worldwide, compile various videos of webcams worldwide and come to know that there are at least two people who weren’t blacked out. The plot (at least for season 01) runs around three FBI agents, their respective wives and friends and two unknown identities who weren’t under the spell of black out.

The series is really going to flourish in coming episodes and is really handling a new and nice subject for TV series. FlashForward is a science-fiction television series currently airing on ABC. It is based on the 1999 novel “Flashforward” by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. It began airing on September 24, 2009.

I am so looking forward to see more episodes of this series.